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The History of Victor Ebner Institute

After saying « An image is worth a thousand words » The founder of the company, created the Victor Ebner Institute in 1980 with the following objectives :

a)    Pedagogical research

b)    Audio visual research and development applied to productions and new teaching methods for foreign languages.

In 1985 teachers at the Institute realised the importance of the impact of images on peoples’ minds and the close links that existed between sound and music in facilitating the assimilation and comprehension of language messages. The founder of the company had the idea of using cartoons to enhance each language method rendering them more coherent.

In order to reinforce this, he created Victor. After 30 years of activity nobody could ignore the existence of this little character who transformed the learning of a foreign language into an entertaining product. « We called him Victor because it is the only name that can be pronounced in all languages » said The founder of the company. Victor speaks English, French, Spanish, German, Italian as well as Swiss-German. « I didn’t want to focus on one language more than another. I decided that Victor would teach all the languages of the world ».

« Our methods are not only pedagogical but also entertaining » insists The founder of the company. « They are not boring, they are interactive and comic. The images speak for themselves ».

For more than 30 years, the little student can be seen on television channels in the whole world. Today, our programs are broadcast in 50 countries and have an audience of over than 42 million viewers.

Now with Internet, the audio visual concept has more dimensions.

The principle is as follows:Immerge into the language

You use the Victor Ebner method by being immersed in situations similar to ones you would find during a stay abroad.You are surrounded by the sights and sounds of the foreign language.

This guarantees fast and comprehensive customization without using a dictionary.

See a short demo Italian program

The 4 advantages of the Victor Ebner method:

1. Very easy use:

You can learn wherever and whenever you want.

2. Excellent pronunciation:

You watch and hear Englishmen, Americans, Frenchmen and Spanish speaking in their mother tongue.

3. No forcing:

You remember everything in easily without drilling

The Victor Ebner method is based on the fascination of the interactive picture.

The process happens in front of you.

You simply watch and listen.

You take part by listening to everyday conversations.

You begin to understand more and more of what happens.

You listen and read .....

The same scene appears again with subtitles.

As you listen and read you become familiar with the spelling.


Watch, listen and repeat. That's all.

You learn automatically, without having to learn vocabularies or worry about grammar.

4. The effective result:

After a few months you can chat in English or in any other foreign language as if you had studied in that country.

All that while spending only 20 minutes a day.

The product portfolio is designed to match your needs.

In the catalogue you find a large variety of tools designed to help you learn and master the desired language; customized to your personal circumstances, previous knowledge, age and needs:





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